GHOST Deposit Instructions

  • GHOST mainnet coins will be accepted for deposits and withdrawals.
  • We will be using as the processor for GHOST.
  • This will be a manual process for balances to be updated on your account at (at the moment this is the only viable payment method).
  • All terms and conditions on deposits shall apply the same to GHOST as all other transactions on the site.
  • All deposit BONUSES shall be applied when deposits are credited to your site balance.
  • Select below the amount you wish to deposit to the site $1usd = 1000 site credits (plus we will add the 25% deposit bonus).
  • When filling out form Name= Username @ Eternal Casino , Email= a email if there is a problem and we need to contact you preferrably the same as the one used to register at Eternal Casino , and Ghost Transaction ID= the transaction for your sent GHOST so we can track it and credit your balance as soon as possible.
  • A 1x or 100% play through is on all deposits, not winnings, to qualify to withdraw.
  • Withdrawals will be done through your account under withdrawals in your account area and will be converted at current usd to GHOST price at time of processing
  • NOTE: as all deposits are processed manually at times there can be delays in crediting to account, so please allow plenty of time for deposit to be processed. it will be done ASAP.

2500 credits + 25% you get 3125 credits

5000 credits + 25% you get 6250 credits

10000 credits + 25% you get 12500 credits

20000 credits + 25% you get 25000 credits

50000 credits + 25% you get 62500 credits

100000 credits + 25% you get 125000 credits