Raffle Jackpot Rules

This page will have Raffle Jackpot rules and results.

Raffle Jackpot Rules

  • Each raffle ticket will cost 1000 credits (1 ESH).
  • Maximum amount of tickets per account per raffle is 200 tickets.
  • Minimum amount of tickets to purchase is 1.
  • In each raffle account Eternal Admin will purchase 200 Tickets. If the winner of the raffle is Eternal Admin these funds will be placed in the raffle jackpot pool. This will accumulate in each raffle until someone wins the raffle. Then will reset to zero.
  • Once the raffle concludes and there is a winner the Jackpot will me manually added to the players balance and the player can do with it as they want, use it to play other games or withdraw.
  • The winner of the raffle will receive the accumulation of the pot for that raffle + any Jackpot Bonus that is in the Jackpot Pool.
  • 90% of all tickets bought will go into the pool for that specific raffle, the other 10% will be held for future credits to be added to the Jackpot Pool and promotion and also to the ECIT dividend revenue pool.
  • Each Raffle will run for a 5 day period.

JACKPOT AMOUNT: 871,700 credits


  • Game:66 Ryan L. 198,000.00 + 50,000.00 Jackpot 220 / 20000
  • Game:67 Daniel 630,000.00 + 50,000.00 Jackpot 700 / 20000
  • Game:68 Ryan L. 747,000.00 + 500,000.00 Jackpot 830 / 20000
  • Game:69 Eternal Admin 371,700.00 Added to Jackpot 413 / 20000